How to Make Macros in WoW

September 9th, 2008 |

If you want to start using Macros in WoW, the easiest way to get going is to get a copy of the Impulse Keybind and Macro Tool. Rather than hunting around for keybindings and macros that might work well or learning the painstaking process of how to make macros in WoW on your own, you can just automatically equip each of your characers with the Macros and keybinds for the specific class, spec and race.

They are easy to learn as well because the program comes with templates and a guide so you’ll be up and running quickly. Also, these are completely legal to use in-game. This isn’t some sort of hacking or botting program. THe macros help YOU play. They don’t play for you. :)

Once you start using macros, you’ll find that playing World of Warcraft is a lot more fun and you can get actions done a lot more quickly. You’ll wonder why you weren’t using them in the first place.

Granted, macros won’t play WoW for you or make you a better player, but they will make you a more efficient player because they let you set off a chain of actions with one click. If you cast spells and that sort of thing, you’ll find it particularly useful. Actually, I suppose in a sense that almost will make you a better player because you won’t be losing the time that it takes to make multiple button mashes. So you can react faster to events in the game. Just think of how big an advantage this can give you in the arena if you are using macros, but your opponent isn’t. Can you say massive DPS?

So if you’ve had a problem setting up WoW macros, just go ahead and download the program and then experiment with the different macros and keybindings available. The video below will give you an idea of what to expect.

You can get the Program at: Impulse

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